Every organization has security challenges. Some are realized during proactive approaches to minimize risk, while other vulnerabilities become apparent after an incident.

Vision Customer Challenge

For any manufacturer, observation, injury prevention, and improved security is paramount.

An automotive parts manufacturer had an antiquated video system that was no longer giving them the resolution or functionality that they needed to monitor activity throughout their plant. They also needed additional video coverage in some high traffic areas.

Vision Solution

Vision Security Technologies implemented a state-of-the-art IP based video management system using their current network infrastructure and adding new cameras throughout the plant.

A new video management system can be a significant improvement. Analog systems provided very basic capabilities that, over the years, IP solutions have improved. A better user interface is just the start. Intelligent capabilities, such as alerts for specific behaviors, alarm alerts, and much more, have empowered security teams to work more efficiently and manage more cameras.

Over the past decade, camera technology has improved as well. Analog systems had a maximum resolution of DVD quality. Now, camera resolution has increased to 1080p HD, and even 4K UHD in systems requiring ultimate performance. Likewise, the field of view has improved. Manufacturers now offer cameras that can see in 360° patterns, eliminating blind spots.

When new software is installed, old cameras can stay in place for the time being. Video stream encoders allow the analog to IP migration to occur over time, eliminating the expense and operational downtime of a massive hardware refresh.

Vision also provides thorough end user training. Security personnel learn the new system, features, and functionality under a trained eye.

Vision Results

The auto part manufacturer’s administrators and security staff now use a modern video management system. They’re able to view the system from multiple locations within the facility and offsite. With the new software, they can easily search, retrieve, and bookmark video footage more efficiently.

New, high resolution cameras provide views of areas previously not under surveillance. On a migration schedule, legacy analog cameras will be replaced by high resolution, megapixel cameras. This will provide crystal clear image quality across the entire facility.

Safety personnel can now use the improved quantity and quality of camera feeds to observe processes, implement changes, and decrease workforce injury rates.

Professional Security Partner

The Vision team can survey your facility, coordinate the design, and then professionally install and integrate the safety hardware and software. Vision can also create a custom Managed and Hosted Services plan, freeing up your team to perform their core responsibilities.

In addition to a solution that is tailored to your organization’s specific needs, Vision Security Technologies offers a customizable maintenance and service plan that optimizes integrated systems. The Vision Investment Protection plan, like your system, can grow and change with your organization. Together, you’ll uncover potential problems before they arise. Additionally, Vision Investment Protection provides onsite and remote response, safeguarding your investment and securing your facility.

Vision has full-time, highly skilled electrical engineers and AutoCAD professionals on staff. Our team can provide planned drawings, riser diagrams, and as-built diagrams in both electronic and hard copy formats for every project. We provide complete network installations, maintenance, database conversions, software installations, and upgrades. Our engineers have both Cisco and Microsoft certifications.


Contact the Vision team now to discuss the benefits of properly and professionally securing your organization.