To honor the fallen this Memorial Day, we asked the Vision to team to share stories of loved ones they would like to remember. Here’s what we learned…

Mike Neklyudov, Senior CSG Technician, shared:

“In my family, we have several family members that should be honored during this Memorial Day. My wife’s both granddads fought and died during World War II. Alexei Vihrov was her maternal granddad. He left behind wife and young daughter. My wife never got a chance to meet him. Petr Gornev was her paternal grandfather; he died as well during World War II. Her paternal grandmother Olga worked though WWII as a truck driver during the blockade in St. Petersburg. 

Vasili Metlin was my granddad. He fought and survived both WWI and WWII but later died from the injuries. Unfortunately, neither us or our children had a chance to meet them. All we have are scarce stories we heard from our parents. From our family, we want to say thank you to our family members and to all service men and women”.

Susan Mims, Purchasing Director, shared:

“I recently went to Washington DC with my son’s 5th grade class. While we were there we visited Arlington National Cemetery.  We found my Great, Great Grandfather who was a Union Soldier in the Civil War.  He was Heavy Artillery.   He died in a hospital due to illness In Washington, DC  in December of 1863”.

Heath Short, Installation Technician, shared:

“Army Pfc. Joshua A. Gray was my roommate when I was going through my military training in 2013, died in Afghanistan in 2014. Definitely someone who always made you smile, and one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met”. You can read about Joshua at

To those who courageously gave their lives, and those who bravely fight today…we thank you!