Birmingham, AL – Del Deason, Sr. Vice President of Vision Security Technologies was a featured security expert on Access Control for the Healthcare vertical market in the January 2017 issue of SDM Magazine, the #1 security channel media circulation according to their website.

The article “How to Succeed in the Top 5 Access Control Verticals” lists healthcare as one of the top three verticals that rely heavily on access control technology and enlisted Vision’s Sr. Vice President, Del Deason, as an expert in the field based on his prior experience as the Security Director for a leading Alabama hospital combined with his technical expertise and experience in access control systems and electronic security system integration.

“Access control systems play a vital role in healthcare security when it comes to such regulations – beyond just locking the door. The Joint Commission requires special areas and rooms to be secure, defined as a locked container or door with an ongoing analysis of measure you have in place and level of compliance. The reporting feature of access control gives us the forensic ability to demonstrate that compliance”, says Deason.

“We are seeing more interest in self-service kiosks at main entrances to track everybody who is in the house”, Deason says with regard to the upswing in visitor management in more areas of hospitals other than maternity wards.

Vision Security Technologies is one of the largest security integrators in the Southeast providing innovative security solutions utilizing CCTV, access control, intrusion and audio components for state and federal governments, education campuses, healthcare, manufacturing facilities, ports, stadiums and arenas and corporate headquarters.

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