Securing schools and campuses of all sizes continues to be a critical mission for security professionals and administrators. The expertise and experience required to accomplish this important mission requires a comprehensive understanding of how security solutions can protect and enhance education facilities.

It’s difficult to foster childhood learning in an environment that lacks a feeling of safety and security. The need for improved policies, procedures, electronic equipment, and physical devices is at an all-time high for K-12 institutions, so when it comes to protecting your students, faculty, and visitors, you want the best security solution available.

There’s nothing one size fits all about securing a school. Your security solution should be tailored to your school system and the environment surrounding it. Vision Security Technologies does so by designing and installing security systems that work together as a unified solution that meets and exceeds all stakeholders’ expectations. For example, access control, digital signage solutions, smart cards, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and emergency call boxes can all be connected such that normal institutional operations are enhanced while emergency operations are immediate and automated.

Student, faculty, staff, and visitor protection is a top priority. That’s why Vision offers unified, scalable security solutions that are uniquely designed for multi-building, college, and university needs. It takes experience and expertise to secure a campus without losing the sense of freedom, discovery, and community that makes the higher education experience possible.

Vision can design, engineer, install, and maintain a unified security solution that meets the needs of your institution today and scales to meet future changes. Your requirements aren’t a carbon copy of another institution’s.

Additionally, we offer Vision Investment Protection – a scheduled maintenance and service plan that keeps your unified security systems operating as designed by providing on-site and remote response. When it comes to maintaining security for your institution, Vision Investment Protection is an integral part of the superior customer service we provide.

You’re passionate about protecting your students and faculty, and so are we.

Professional Security Partner

The Vision team can survey your building, coordinate a design, and professionally install and integrate hardware and software. Vision can also create a custom Managed and Hosted Services plan, freeing up your staff to perform their core responsibilities of providing a safe working environment, and making system updates a breeze.

The Vision Investment Protection plan, like your system, can grow and change with your organization. Together, you’ll uncover potential problems before they arise. Additionally, Vision Investment Protection provides onsite and remote response, safeguarding your staff and securing your facility.

Vision has a full-time AutoCAD engineer on staff. Our engineering team can provide planned drawings, riser diagrams, and as-built diagrams in both electronic and hard copy formats for every project. We provide complete network installations, maintenance, database conversions, software installations, and upgrades. Our engineering team has both Cisco and Microsoft certifications.