This Thanksgiving, millions of people will pause to give thanks for friends, family, community, and so much more. When we asked around the office ‘What are you thankful for?’ here are some responses from the Vision Team:

“I want to give thanks for the first 17 years of Vision.  The greatest asset of any successful company is its employees.  We have been blessed with the most amazing talent on the Vision team.  Ultimately I give thanks for the success of Vision to the loyal people that make up the Vision family”.

Barry Komisar, Founder & CEO

“I’m thankful she said yes”! – Paul Gulledge, CSG Service Technician says regarding his marriage proposal on November 10th to Dianne Leigh Bowers. “She is the love of my life. I am ultimately thankful that God put her in my life”.

Paul Gulledge & Dianne Leigh Bowers

“I’m thankful for cornbread and black eyed peas”

Del Deason, Sr. Vice President

“I’m thankful to see another Thanksgiving and for the family that I have to share it with”

Dana Rhodes, Director, Marketing & Business Development

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving. 

Vision Security Technologies