Perimeter security is sometimes an after-thought or is an overlooked aspect of protecting your facility. A firm perimeter has many benefits for your business – security, accountability, and safety being the most basic and most important.


In short, this means keeping unauthorized and nefarious players on the outside. Security-minded fences include gates for vehicles and turnstiles for human access. Authorized vehicles, personnel, and visitors are granted access only with appropriate credentials. Credentials can be staff ID cards equipped with smart technology, or smart phones with secure digital credentials.


Human resources, security, and other departments need to know who is on the premise, when they entered, and where they are. This information is key for investigations, tracking time and attendance, and streamlining operations.


Regarding safety, there are a variety of perimeters to consider. Property, building, and internally defined perimeters are a few of the major perimeter categories to consider.

Some locations are potentially dangerous from the edge of the property inwards. Securing the perimeter at the property line keeps untrained personnel at a safe distance. The jurisdictional authority, usually the state equivalent of OSHA, will have specific requirements for site safety. Limited and credentialed access can decrease liability and prevent injury.

Some locations may require safety checkpoints in and around the facility. These can be controlled with man-gates and fences for both personnel compliance and safety.


Security solutions begin with a site survey. The site survey ensures that all aspects of safety and security are considered before a solution is deployed. Stakeholder insight from security, safety, human resources, information technology, and other departments is imperative. Their input must be considered before hardware is deployed and software is loaded onto servers.

Fences, gates, bollards, and turnstiles are a few of the devices designed to secure your perimeter. Access control software and employee databases are integrated to these devices to allow for seamless operations at your facility from personnel to administrators. The devices can be used singularly or combined for a customized security solution.

Industrial environments require rugged, full-height devices to control human movement into, and within, a facility. For example, a Boon Edam Turnlock 100 or 200 Series works very well as an outdoor fence line solution, permitting access to authorized staff and keeping visitors at a safe distance until authorized access is granted.

Bollards and vehicle gates may be considered as part of the overall perimeter solution when vehicles and occupants must be checked prior to parking or drop-off access.


When it’s time to decide on a comprehensive security plan, choose a partner who can assist you in envisioning a solution that works from the perimeter of your property to the software database of your access control system. Our team is here to provide that expert advice.

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