One of the most fundamental security systems is the intrusion detection system. This type of system was one of the first to be used to secure building of all types from banks to warehouses.

Common Hardware Devices

A common intrusion detection system utilizes a variety of detectors to sense and alert when a door or window is opened or when someone is walking around in an area that’s supposed to be secure. The devices to accomplish this include door contacts, window contacts, and motion detectors.

The alarm control panel is the central operating component of the system. The panel can be armed or disarmed using a simple keypad, usually placed just inside of one or more commonly used doors.

Specialized Detectors

Unique applications call for unique detection devices. Seismic detectors can sense when a safe or cabinet is being moved. Water sensors and temperature sensors can sense flooding and other environmental conditions. Glass break detectors can listen for the sound of breaking glass. And specialized sensors can determine of a hold-up is underway at a financial institution.

System Actions

When a detector device is triggered while the system is armed, the control panel will send a signal across a phone line or the internet to the company hired to monitor the alarm system 24×7. Once the alarm is received by the monitoring company, they will follow predetermined policies such as notifying local law enforcement and the manager or owner fo the property that there is an intrusion incident underway.

Intrusion Detection Benefits

Intrusion detection systems have come a long way from being a simple burglary alarm system for an entire building. Today, they can be used throughout all or part of a building or campus to streamline operations. For example, the intrusion detection alarm system can be programmed to not only turn on or off all or part of the alarm system, but also to simultaneously turn on or off lights and raise or lower the temperature in the building when an employee enters a valid PIN code into the keypad.

Integration of other security systems, like access control, simplifies post-incident investigations. Video surveillance cameras systems can also be integrated with intrusion detection systems to enable video verification of alarms before law enforcement is dispatched. Video verification, aside from reducing false alarms, can also provide first responders with real-time situational awareness so they are prepared to encounter a threat when they arrive.

A Secure Vision

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